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Newmanstown, PA 17073
TEL: 610-589-1754
FAX: 610-589-4046


Newmanstown Water Authority Consumer Confidence Report

Drinking Water Quality Report - 2023

Last year, the Newmanstown Water Authority provided its 1,041 customers with 38.4 million gallons of water (or approximately 105,300 gallons per day on average). Please contact us if you see a sign of a water leak, as we continuously strive to control expenses.

The Source Water Assessment, which was completed by the PA DEP, for our Authority, the Womelsdorf- Robesonia Joint Authority (WRJA) and the Borough of Richland continues to be implemented. Our goal is to reduce the possibility of contaminants entering our water supply sources. Protecting our wells is a critical element to delivering a safe and reliable supply of drinking water to our customers. Source water protection not only benefits the water supply, but ultimately the economic, social, and environmental well- being of our community. Several point and non-point potential sources of contamination (PSOC) were identified in the preparation of the plan. The Assessment found that our sources are potentially most susceptible to agricultural activities, but overall, the Authority’s wellhead protection area has a low risk of contamination. The Authority continues to work with the farmers to minimize spreading manure near its well.

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